Sichuan Chang Yang Composites Company Limited

Sichuan Chang Yang Composites Company Limited

Company Details
Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: CYC
No. of Employees: 900~1000 People
Annual Sales: > US$ $100,000,000+
Year Established: 2005
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
Company Description

Sichuan Chang Yang Composites Group Company Limited is professional in manufacturing and exporting advanced Composites Reinforcement Raw Materials in China. The headquarter is located in Chengdu, the capital city of the Sichuan province P.R. China, an ISO9001:2008, CCS and Lloyds Registered Certified company. The main business stretch to Fiberglass Yarn, Fiberglass Roving, Fiberglass Fabrics, Fiberglass Mats, Special High Performance Glass Fiber (S-Glass Fiber, Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber, High Silica Glass Fiber, Quartz Fiber, Basalt Fiber), Carbon Fiber Fabrics, Aramid Fiber Fabrics (Kevlar Fabrics), Basalt Fiber Fabrics, Quartz Fiber Fabrics and Glass Marbles.


CYC Glass Fiber Yarn & Roving Tank Furnace Factory is designed for manufacturing different kind of high performance Glass Fiber with production capacity is around 160,000 tons per year. The typical products is as following:

1. Fiberglass Yarn

2. Roving for Filament Winding (Hoop Roving)

3. Roving for Pultrusion

4. Roving for Weaving

5. Roving for Spray Up (Gun Roving)

6. Roving for Chopped Strand Mat

7. Roving for SMC (Sheet Molding Compound)

8. Roving for Transparent Panel (Panel Roving)

9. Roving for Texturizing

10. Fiberglass Chop Roving

11. Fiberglass Chopped Strand for BMC (Bulk Molding Compound)

12. Wet Chopped Strands

13. Roving for FLT

14. Roving for Thermoplastics (PP Roving)

15. S-Glass Roving

16. Basalt Fiber Roving

17. Basalt Fiber Chopped Strand

18. Alkali Resistant Roving for Spray Up (AR-Glass Roving / GRC Roving)

19. Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Chopped Strand (AR-Glass Chopped Strand)

20. E-Glass Marbles

21. C-Glass Marbles



CYC Fiberglass Mat Factory set up with 5 production lines and the leading products series are as following:

1. E-Glass Chopped Strand Mat (CSM)

2. E-Glass Continuous Filament Mat (CFM)

3. Combination Mat (CBM)

4. Stitched Mat (STM)

5. Flow Mat (PP-Core Mat)(FLM)

6. Needled Mat

7. Veil Tissue Mat



CYC Woven Fabric Factory have 60 adavnced looms to manufacturing different kind of Fabrics, 30 looms manufacturing Woven Roving (WR) fabrics, 10 looms to manufacturing Electronic Fiberglass Fabric (7628, 2116, 1080 etc), 3 looms to manufacturing Multi-axial Fiberglass Fabrics (Unidirectional Fiberglass Fabric (UD Fabric), Bi-axial Fabrics (BX Fabrics, (0,90) & (+45,-45)), Tri-axial Fabrics (TX Fabric), Quad-axial Fabrics (QX Fabric), 4 looms to manufacturing Carbon Fiber Fabrics ( Plain, Twill and Satin), Basalt Fabrics, Aramid Fabrics (Kevlar Fabric), S-Glass Fabrics, Quartz Fabrics (SiO2>99.98%), Hybrids Fabrics, Light Weight Glass Fabrics, High Silica (SiO2>96%) Fiberglass Fabrics, Fiberglass Tapes and so on.



CYC High Silica Glass Fiber & Quartz Fiber Factory is specializing in manufacturing High Silica Glass Fiber Materials which Silica Dioxide is above 96% (SIO2>96%) and widely used in High Temperature Heat Insulation Industry. The leading products are as following:

1. High Silica Chopped Strand

2. High Silica Braided Rope (High Silica Twisted Wick)

3. High Silica Fabric

4. High Silica Needle Mat

5. High Silica Braided Sleeve

6. Quartz Fiber Fabric 

7. Quartz Fiber Chopped Strand 

8. Quartz Fiber Braided Sleeve



Sichuan Chang Yang Composites Company Limited is willing to established a long-term partnership with customers from all over the world with stable qualified composites raw materials and reinforcing our cooperation with first-class reinforcement composites materials and professional service.



Standard:ISO9001:2008 Certificate
Issue Date:2014-05-12
Expiry Date:2017-05-11
Scope/Range:Export of Composite Materials (Glass Fiber Etc.). Chemical Materials (Within Qualification Range)
Issued By:IQNet and CQM
Standard:CCS Fiberglass Mat Certificate
Issue Date:2014-09-10
Expiry Date:2017-09-08
Scope/Range:Fiberglass Mats
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